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LED DRAWINGS The Squash Players

Laser Print on Polycarbonate

Rowan University Art Gallery

Westby Hall, 237 Mullica Hill Rd Glassboro, New Jersey

January 20 – March 7 Opening Reception and Artist Talk: Wednesday, February 11, 5 – 7pm

LED drawings

As a counterpoint to the intangible nature of the digital and video art on display at the gallery and throughout the University campus, Maria Schneider’s LED drawings are deeply rooted in their physicality. In fact, they harken back to the most basic art practice of drawing. Schneider begins with a pencil on paper drawing, which is then scanned and laser printed onto layers of polycarbonate and illuminated with LED light. The drawings evoke a common experience and a familiar medium, but are transformed by the technological process to become something new.

A group exhibition of artists working with technology that explore the role of materiality, experience, and authorship in art.