New Work at Two Exhibits Opening this Month

Dialogo 365,

a Latin American Exhibit,

Crane Arts Building and Crane Old School,
1400 N American Street, Philadelphia, PA
October 7th-25th, 2011
First Friday: October 7th

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 13th, 6-9pm

curated by Annabelle Rodriguez-Lawton and presented by Casa de Venezuela
Three Works created for this exhibition
Bolivar, El Libertador
Bolivar is not represented just as the classic figure but as the embodiment of his proclamations now interwoven in his head from his original writings and the Venezuelan Constitution. The Libertador is sorrounded by images that contrast with the principles established in the Eighth Chapter of the Venezuelan Constitution: the Rights of the People.
Elusive Freedom
Freedom as elusive force is represented by the bulls that seem to desappear running away from a page in the Constitution: The Rights of the People. The red line symbolizes the strugle of the people.
The Bulls of Power – Freedom, Democracy and Independence
My style derives from a constant search. I am moved by modern views of ancient symbols and cultural icons. A source of inspiration comes from modern images that capture life in our times. "Current events" are always present. I infuse my canvases and sculptures with ideas that get intertwine into the work. Financial newsprint pages, handwritten poems, historical writings….are weaved into each piece. I am attracted by textured, unpolished surfaces that reflect primitivism to produce a more visceral reaction.
My second exhibit

Following the Line,

an exploration of the fundamental element in art.

at Philadelphia City Hall

October 13th-December 2nd, 2011
Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 19th, 5-7 pm
Curated by Amie Potsic, Director of Career Development at the Center For Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA)
and Ona Kalstein, artist and Board member of the Da Vinci Art Alliance
In Memoriam 1 and 2 ( Monotypes)