The artist as a mother ( or full-time father) or...

It was noon and I knew the lecture was about to start.  I got in my car and flew to the city...I did not want to miss Alex Kanevsky's lecture at PAFA.   I really like his work and had never heard him speak.  It was my chance.  I got there 20 minutes into the lecture, but it is all I could do....  After the lecture, I run into a good friend and fellow artist.  Our conversation made me go back to a theme which is often in my mind: The artist as a mother, or full-time father, or full-time anything for that matter. To create one needs to think, to concentrate, to create.  Every artist has a different way to do it.  But the common theme is time to do it.   When I sit in front of an empty canvas, I sometimes stare at it for a long time.  Other times,  I read or look at pictures, but what I need is time.  If you are a mother, you are pulled in many directions.  It is not easy to find time to get away from it all and concentrate on a regular basis.  We want to be there for our children, be in every activity.  We demand ourselves to run perfect households.  We multi-task easily.  We run from one activity to the next all day long.  But concentration, that is another matter.

Getting into deeper thoughts, into one's mind and subconscious, getting into the creative self is not easily achieved while running around, as efficient as one can be.  Ideas, thoughts flow into my mind all day long, but I need time to develop them.  To think about them.  I need time to sit and stare at that canvas.  It is hard to stop after running full speed, and just sit down and empty oneself from everything to reach that point where creativity flows. That is why I paint very late at night.  It is my time, the time I steal from my sleep so that I can reach that point.  It is my price.  The artist as a mother .....- in our society - is not an easy proposition. But it is worth it!

I will talk about the lecture some other time.