In my studio..those fleeting moments of creativity

I have been thinking about creativity and my art, and how I come to create one image or another, one painting, one sculpture. I work in my studio in the wee hours, as you may know. There is something about these magical hours for me. If I can stay awake, there are no distractions, no pressures, no time. I sit in my studio, sometimes reading, others just listening to music. My mind is quiet, a little aloof. I will be thinking about a painting, a sculpture, all day long - how to change it, how to add something, how to make it as I feel it should be and then a fury of thoughts will rush into my mind, thoughts held from the day, waiting in my subconscious, ready to come out. These creative moments happen mostly at night because it is when I let my mind wonder, out of the mental to- do list. Those are my moments of creation, those fleeting moments where there are no boundaries, no constrains. An idea runs through and you have to grab it! Then, the real work starts. These ideas have to be put into concrete pieces. Crafting the painting, the sculpture, making it work will consume many hours and days. Experimenting, changing, adding, subtracting is part of the art. It is a struggle and I welcome it. It thrills me. Paintings and sculptures will hang in my thoughts all day, at the supermarket, at the pick-up line for school, while driving. [That is maybe why I like driving so much, you can get lost in thought.] And then, go back to the studio.

I have been working in different themes: The Economic Crisis has been a central theme...Se acabó la fiesta (The Party is over), Just Go (Carpe Diem). These are the pieces I have been working on…two of them have been selected to be exhibited at Philadelphia City Hall. More on that in my next post..